Hand Finishes and Specialty Applications

Wood Applications

AyA’s master finishers apply environmentally friendly, water-based antique hang-up glazes to wood doors using the time honoured method of spraying and hand wiping. Blackened, mocha and frosted glazes can be used to accentuate the profiling and detailing of our wood doors and add a richness to the overall finish. When applied to certain wood species, in particular oak, these glazes also accentuate the woods natural grain.




AyA’s blackened finishes are particularly popular on mid range to dark finishes, and are especially attractive on maple doors from the Estate Collection.





Although typically used to accent lighter maple or oak doors, AyA’s frosted finished can create a very dramatic effect on mid tones finishes as well.





For a softer, more subtle antique look, AyA’s Chocolate finish is an ideal choice, especially on lighter stains.

Painted Applications

AyA’s master finishers are experts in the fine art of glazing, distressing and antiquing. Care and attention to detail go into every piece to ensure a consistency of finish while maintaining the individuality of every piece.



This brushed finish is a very popular finished on latte, and mushroom finishes. The hand applied glaze adds a consistent warmth and richness to all elements of the cabinetry.





To achieve this dramatic effect – the common element in AyA’s entire Vintage collection - each piece is individually distressed and worn. A base colour is applied prior to the painted finish which is then revealed via subtle hand rub through of the paint.




Distressed Glazed

This finish incorporates a hand glazed finish with the distressed finish. The result is a look and feel of vintage elegance.





AyA’s most extensive hand finish, the antique finish adds a crackle finish element to the distressed glaze finish. This beautiful combination conjures images of old European charm and is ideal for accent pieces or throughout the kitchen

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